Registered in Scotland, Tested in Scotland
Go on-shore

We’ll happily bring one of our roadshows or training Workshops to your business
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We’ve presented as invited experts at a number of Security Conferences

Unlike many other companies – all we do is carry out tests… Understandable this makes us quite good at testing.

Get a Specialist

Our consultants have a range of special interests, but in general we can accommodate most security testing needs….

Whatever you want tested…

We are serious testers, not hackers. We understand the value of your business and the cost of outages…

Due diligence taken

Last year we wrote 4000+ pages of Reports in MS Word format… We might fairly be said to know how to produce the report your Company needs…

We specialise in providing security testing services.

With a wide range of experience in reviewing security across different technologies and industries, we can find the right solution for your organisation....


We are security experts with a business background, not hackers or “cyberwarriors”. We guarantee you a professionally carried out test by responsible consultants and a quality report.


Our consultants all have years of experience and we do not use sub-contractors.


We are a Scottish Company and all our work is carried out in Scotland by UK citizens


Security testing is our only business. Focusing on this enables us to concentrate on this very complex field to the exclusion of everything else.

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