B-Sides Pentest Automation Talk

Apr 25th, 2013

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B-Sides Pentest Automation Talk

We were at B-Sides London yesterday.  It all went really well and had a great turn out.  The new venue was good as well.  We didn’t get to see too many of the talks unfortunately as we were delivering a Workshop in the morning and I had my talk in the afternoon.

As with most of the talks I do, I find the questions the most interesting piece, as you get feedback on what problems other people have had with the topic at hand and also new ideas for developing the presentation.

Some of the conversations had after my talk centered around choosing a licence for code that you release.  It’s a important area to consider if you’re releasing your own code as you should always put some form of license up there so people know how they can and cannot use your code.  My feelings for most of the scripts I do is that a GPL based license is the best option, as it encourages other people who want to use your code to contribute back to the community.

Another point on licensing that was brought up is the flip side which is that you should always check the license of code that you make use of, to ensure that you’re within the terms specified.

My presentation is up on the prezi site here .  Most of the code along with the other scripts I’ve released is on github here . I’ll add the cookie grabber script up there over the next day or two.

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