Career path to Network Security

May 19th, 2004

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Career path to Network Security

Martin McKeay’s Network Security Blog: How to get into Network Security
A link to an interesting article at securityfocus talking about the prerequisites for getting into network security. My path was train as an accountant, get lucky and move over to IT before having to do any accounts, spend 5 years in Networking and general IT, then move into IT security. I’ve found my background in IT to be very useful when having security related conversations with IT staff, it definately helps to understand where they’re coming from and also if they might be being “economical” with the truth…
There’s another reference to this story over at Joat’s blog , which mentions coding as a required skill. I’ve picked up bits of a couple of languages over the years, and I’d like to learn more, but I’ve never been sure which language would be best to focus on, with the inevitable result that I’ve not really learned any of them….

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