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Apr 27th, 2004

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Category: Intrusion Detection systems
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Prelude IDS

There’s an interesting article over at Local Area Security which talks about the prelude IDS framework. It’s a application which provides, amongst other things, a console for viewing alerts which can be pulled in and aggregated from a number of sources…

Apr 14th, 2004

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Linux forensics

Dana Epp’s ramblings at the Sanctuary : Forensic Analysis of a Live Linux System There’s a post referring on to an intereting set of presentations about Linux Forensics over at Dana Epp’s Blog…

Mar 31st, 2004

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Category: Penetration Testing
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link to article about google hacking

Martin McKeay’s Network Security Blog: Scary uses for Google Found a link to an interesting story at seccurityfocus about using google for looking for things like passwords that the owners of the pages probably don’t realise are public. Also got another blog for my blogroll :o)