Just a few Mobile Devices

Jul 1st, 2016

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Just a few Mobile Devices

I’m doing an Android test next week so was just getting some of my testing kit charged up and ready to go.  It rather made me laugh looking at just a sample of the devices we have.



Pictured we have a Nexus 7 tablet, a Fire tablet, a Motorola Moto 2G Android phone, a nameless Chinese brand Android phone, a Lumia 950 WP (its monitor and continuum dock are just out of the picture) , two Surfaces (a Pro 3 and a 3), and a ThinkPad running Kali Linux.  Not pictured because no room are the other Android phones/tables, an iPhone and iPad (in use elsewhere) and a Firefox phone.

It just goes to show the amount of hardware needed for keeping up to date with test requirements.  Now if I were also to take a snapshot of the different software technologies testers need to have an understanding of – I wouldn’t have room for it on the page.

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