Old Browsers

Jan 20th, 2013

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Old Browsers

I am so sad – but while I had the old versions of Operating Systems fired up for my previous post – I couldn’t resist having a look at some modern websites with the default browser that came with them.

Specifically I looked at IE2 (NT 4), IE5 Windows 2000) and Netscape Communicator 4.76

As might have been expected – IE2 didn’t really work at all.  www.bbc.co.uk seemed to start loading up JavaScript and then did nothing as did www.google.comwww.wikipedia.org and www.scotsts.com generated JavaScript errors but then showed a minimalist version of the page – as did www.microsoft.com.  The only site that actually worked properly was our old friend www.armory.com which says it is best viewed in ‘any browser’ and does what it says on the tin.  Netscape was about the same although it did make an attempt at Google’s site.   Microsoft’s site just crashed the browser.

IE5 was a bit of a better story.  All the sites I originally tried actually loaded up.   I turned JavaScript error reporting off and all the pages I originally tried either work or sort of work.  By which I mean that a lot of them will load and are usable but don’t look that nice.  www.facebook .com and www.twitter.com will not load at all – but outside that I couldn’t find anything that completely didn’t work and www.google.com scored some points by working natively with no problems at all and looking completely normal.  It actually was not quite as bad a browser as I thought it was going to be considering it is twelve years old and it is probably just about usable.  The security on it is going to be awful though.


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