Out of date opinions…

Sep 5th, 2005

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Category: Wireless Security

Out of date opinions…

SC Magazine
I was looking for some wireless security articles this morning and came across this one which appears to be saying that wireless networks are fundamentally insecure and therefore the answer is to run VPN’s over them….
Now this might have been the only answer before 802.11i was agreed and issued, but nowadays I’d say that a possibly better alternative to running a VPN over wireless is to run a decently secured client, use multi-factor authentication with PEAP, use AES for encryption and put some decent level of firewalling in between the wired and wireless networks to restrict what can be transferred from one to the other.This way you leverege your existing investment in wireless equipment…
Of course a cynic might also have pointed out that the author of the article is Chief Technology Officer of a company who make……… wireless VPN’s!

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