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Aug 27th, 2006

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Ruby On Rails

Well I’ve been meaning to post some of this stuff for a while. I’ve been doing some Ruby On Rails (RoR) development for a while now, more to teach myself than to create any spectacular applications.
Anyway as you do I’ve run across a variety of intersesting sources of information about rails as I built my first application (a security checklist management system), so I’ll post some of them here…
The main site is at and is a decent place to start.
For tutorials there’s a list here Top 12 Rails Tutorials of which I’d have to say that the rolling on rails one I liked (although it’s a bit out of date now). Also if you look at that one I’d be inclined to follow-up with Amy Hoy’s ones which can be found here
In terms of forums and the like I’ve actually not found any that I like a lot yet. There’s mailing lists off the main site, but I’m not a great fan of mailing lists for picking up things as I find the web interfaces not that great, usually.
There’s some books that are a good bet, the seminal one is Agile Web Development with Rails however I wouldn’t buy the current print version as V2 is under development. what you can do is get the PDF of the current cut of V2 from there and then you get the PDF of the final one when it’s done…
There’s an Oreilly book by the guy who did the Rolling on Rails tutorial I mentioned above, which is out on safari now and will be in print R.S.N . I’ve not read much of it yet, so I’m not too sure how it’ll be…
Anyway that’s enough of an intro, I just need to remember to keep posting as I find new stuff…

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