Ruby on Rails Search Engine with Google Coop

Oct 24th, 2006

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Ruby on Rails Search Engine with Google Coop

Ever gone looking for some insight into your latest rails conundrum and ended up finding answers for the wrong language that mention ruby elsewhere in the page? I know I have.
Here’s an interesting new beta project from google launched today, which allows you to create custom search engines which focus on a given topic area by customising which sites are indexed as part of the search.
I think that this could be really useful for targeted searches as it can cut out a lot of the “spam” and other less relevant sites from the search results. Also while you can get the same effect by using the site: parameter, doing that about 20 or 30 times per search doesn’t really appeal.
So here’s a Ruby on rails Search. At the moment it’s based on some sites which I use (list below), but if there are other ones that anyone would like to see include just leave a comment, or volunteer to help out on the search engine front page.
edit: Looks like quite a few people in the RoR community had this idea…. so rather than have lots of different searches doing the same thing I’ve removed my one.
But if you’re looking for a RoR search engine head over here to the Ruby Inside Search Engine

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