Workshop at BSides London

Mar 19th, 2013

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Workshop at BSides London

As well as Rory’s talk on pentest automation at BSides London – we will both be doing a workshop “Performing a DIY Security Review”.  It is aimed at IT Professionals and shows the basics of how to prepare for a Security Review (“pentest”).  This is something that is dear to our hearts because writing about SSLv2 over and over again is not something which either excites us greatly, or provides a great deal of value to customers.  We think people should do a preparatory review themselves and let the tester concentrate on the specialized stuff – giving better value for money and a shorter, more focused report.

So the workshop is all about using free or low cost tools to look at a network and remove glaring faults from it prior to having a test done.  We don’t cover web application testing – but if this one proves of interest we may do something along those lines in the future.

I’ll post the slides and documentation here after the event.



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